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Photo: Nature is not your trashcan

I’ll never understand people going to spots to enjoy the beauty and leaving trash.

Follow directions people

Give a hoot. Picture was taken near the CVS at Westover Hills Blvd. and Forest Hill Ave.

Phase I of city’s new recycling initiative complete!

If you were one of the chosen blocks that got the shiny new carts as part of Phase I of the city’s new alley pickup recycling program, well, then, the rest of us are jealous of you.

Record number of James River Park users this summer

Four full time employees oversee a park that saw 500,000+ between May and July.

Day #045: It’s time to get serious about cigarette butts.

Why do people who wouldn’t dare throw a banana peel on the ground do so with cigarette butts?

Day #039: Pre-sorting trash, and landfill mining and reclamation

Turning today’s trash into the future’s treasure.

Trashing the park

A disgusting amount of litter was left in Carter Jones and Fonticello Parks this weekend.

City to fine residents $50/day for leaving trash and recycle bins out

The City of Richmond will begin fining residents who leave their trash or recycle bins out too long. The fine will be $50 per day.