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After 225 years, this model still turns heads

Virginia officials recently celebrated the 225th anniversary of the arrival of the plaster-of-Paris model that was the basis for building the state Capitol. Thomas Jefferson commissioned Frenchman Jean-Pierre Fouquet to make the model and ship it to the newly independent United States of America. It arrived on Feb. 28, 1787, and is still on display for the public.

No BS! Brass Tour Reflection, Pt. 1

Last week, No BS Brass, Richmond’s Manliest Band (as described by Style Weekly) set out on a busking tour. We drove, we played on the street, we drove again. These are our adventures, as told by Bryan Hooten, trombonist and usually successful navigator. Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips or […]

Verbatim Tour

Verbatim, an instrumental duo based out of Richmond, VA, will be performing at Ghost Print Gallery and The Camel in Richmond as a part of their tour of various cities to celebrate the release of their debut album, Verbatim. The drum and trombone duo combines jazz, math-rock, metal, New Orleans music, and more into a […]

No BS! Brass “Busking in the USA” Tour

No BS! takes off today for an extended weekend of busking. Of any ensemble, I see no group more suitable to busk (Richmond Marching Band makes a fine busker, though). The very nature and history of brass bands allows, nay commands, them to exist outside the walls of a concert hall or club without question. […]

Glows in the Dark on tour

Glows in the Dark, Richmond band and friend of RVAjazz, is going on a short tour this week. The WFMU set will be streaming live at their website. For the others, check them out if you’re in the neighborhood. 6.10.09 WFMU Long Rally w/Scott McDowell (Hudson Valley, NJ) Recording Live Set 11pm 6.11.09 Pianos (New […]