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Police issue useful safety tips for the upcoming holiday season

These reminders are especially useful during the holidays, but apply year-round.

TIP! Get your money on lock

There are free resources out there!

TIP! Car Pool is kind of the best

There’s a better way to get your car cleaned.

TIP! Is your bike OK??

The quick release might be part of a recall, here’s how to avoid it the best you can.

TIP! Free Digital Magazines from your public library

What in the world! Are libraries even legal?

TIP! Fall planting time

Because Martha told us so!

TIP! Jeans should never be wasted

Jeans can keep people warm. Like, in their HOUSE. Here’s how to score $20 by helping out.

TIP! The blues are stupid

An actual thing you can do to trick your body into being happy!

TIP! Ways to watch the Big Bike Race™

Four total, two do not involve interactions with other humans.

TIP! Know your road closures

You know a map of the Big Bike Race™ road closures exists, right?