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Raising Richmond: Two hours

A hectic evening schedule gives us about two hours from coming home to bedtime. Here’s how we cram dinner, downtime, and other things into a short block of time.

On the Run: Week 9

In the beginning, my biggest struggle with running was the time I spent doing it.

World’s breast mom

Last week’s TIME magazine cover caused quite a stir. How a scientist and a bare breast brought the subject of attachment parenting to the forefront where everybody’s got an opinion and a boob jokes.

Raising Richmond: Take back the nap

When my son was first born, I was FANTASTIC at following the “sleep when the baby sleeps” edict. But as he’s gotten older–and as I’ve transitioned into life as a stay-at-home mother–I’ve adopted more of a “do absolutely every single task under the sun while the baby sleeps…and go sort of crazy in the process” approach to life. Things gotta change, y’all.