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Projecting The Byrd Theatre’s future

The loss of the landmark movie palace’s digital projector is a small setback in the midst of a grand restoration scheme.

‘Byrd and a Beer’ midnight movie series continues with ‘Major League’

The popular midnight movie series and charity benefit continues on June 19th; tickets always go fast.

‘Byrd and a Beer’ movie series continues with Fight Club, Breakfast Club, and Pulp Fiction

Go ahead. Break the rules and talk all you want about Fight Club. But just this once.

Afrikana Indie Film Fest brings full-length feature to RVA

A “whole world of movies” is getting some long due local love.

Fashion Feeds The Byrd: A night of style benefitting The Byrd Theatre Foundation

Tickets are on sale now at several Carytown merchants and available for purchase online.

An unfortunate juxtaposition at The Byrd

Raising Richmond: For the Byrds

A sweet (and funny) tribute to the Byrd Theatre from an almost-30-year customer.

Vive la France: The French Film Festival returns

What started as a whim has turned into a festival that’s even cooler than you think it is.

Local history seen through the eyes of RVA businesses

There was a time not long ago when traffic lights on Monument Avenue would blink yellow at night because there was so little traffic. Yeah, things have changed ’round here.

Ask Lauren: an afternoon in Carytown, wine & beer stores, and a birthday outing

This week we ask Lauren how to spend a day with the kids, where to grab a great a six pack of beer, and how to host a birthday party while being considerate of dietary restrictions.