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Elephant Auto Insurance announces $2 million expansion, 1,200 new jobs

The company is expanding its U.S. headquarters off Gaskins Road in the West End of Henrico County.

McAuliffe celebrates Virginia food at Rappahannock

Ain’t no party like a Rappahannock River Oysters party, especially when it celebrates Esquire magazine saying a bunch of nice things about our state’s culinary scene.

VCU student serves on McAuliffe’s campus sexual violence task force

How often do VCU students discuss sexual violence prevention, and how might the task force change things at Virginia universities?

Virginia wine sales set record high

Wineries sold over 520,000 cases, roughly 6.25 million bottles in the 2014 fiscal year.

Food News: Armenian Food Festival, The Betty on Davis, and the end of Buddy’s

This week: Buddy’s announces a closing date after a 38-year run, The Betty on Davis opens, Mekong wins best beer bar again, and the Armenian Food Festival gets underway today. All this and more!

Uber, Lyft now able to operate in Virginia

The Governor and Attorney General have issued a temporary agreement allowing the companies to serve Virginians.

Chinese company bringing 2,000 jobs to Chesterfield

A major Chinese paper company will invest $2 billion to create its first US plant.

McAuliffe inauguration renews campaign promises

Virginia’s new governor is already trying to distinguish his administration.

McAuliffe signs order protecting LGBT state workers

The new order goes beyond similar ones signed by McAuliffe’s predecessors.

Bill Clinton to visit RVA this Sunday

The former president will visit a local high school.