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John B. Cary Elementary parents upset over potential teacher transfers

“You are systematically stripping this school until nothing is left,” one angry parent reportedly said in a recent meeting on the pending changes.

Henrico County Public Schools reports lower than average teacher turnover

HCPS is attracting and retaining top instructional talent.

Teacher Appreciation Week starts today!

Teachers deserve our appreciation all year long, but this is the week to be intentional about it.

A note to parents of new students

What one local teachers wants all parents sending their kids to school for the first time to know.

Mayor’s school task force offers recommendations to help bridge budget gap

A task force appointed by Mayor Jones to find ways to make up the projected $24 million dollar shortfall in the school system has come back with its recommendations. Among them: layoff current non-teachers, teacher attrition, and altering the employee health care benefits.