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Local properties on the block for delinquent taxes

Two boarded up houses and an empty lot.

Altria Theater wants to borrow $1.75 million and gets it

Over $1 million is owed for three years worth of taxes.

Day #073: The good, the bad, and the future of gentrification; Part 1

Taxes seem boring, but taxes change lives.

Day #058: Tax land, not property

Why tax productive behavior when taxing humanity’s land has so many benefits?

Day #044: Taxes, tips, and the benefit of using cash

How 3%-4% adds up to $300-$400 of customers’ money, plus a whole lot of inconvenience.

City Council: Death and taxes

City Council kicked off its new session with life’s two unavoidable subjects: death, in this case the death of civic activist Ruby Giles Turner, and taxes, as in who has to pay them.

UPDATE: The Republic reopens, OMG Cafe is for sale, Ipanema nears the end of its renovations

Tax issues closed one restaurant and renovations closed another, meanwhile Church Hill welcomes a new restaurant and Richmond gets all “shaka-brah” in the kitchen.