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VCU student serves on McAuliffe’s campus sexual violence task force

How often do VCU students discuss sexual violence prevention, and how might the task force change things at Virginia universities?

City Council: the good, the bad, and the ugly

What started out as a perfunctory City Council meeting ended up having a rather children-related bent. Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” made an appearance right before the Mayor criticized the state of the city’s public schools. Here’s the recap.

Mayor’s school task force offers recommendations to help bridge budget gap

A task force appointed by Mayor Jones to find ways to make up the projected $24 million dollar shortfall in the school system has come back with its recommendations. Among them: layoff current non-teachers, teacher attrition, and altering the employee health care benefits.

Greater Richmond Chamber funds Mayor’s school accountability task force

The Mayor announced today that the Greater Richmond Chamber will provide funding for a task force investigating a nearly $24 million budget shortfall in the Richmond Public School system. Exactly what is the task force looking at and how might an investigation help stabilize the school system’s finances?

Mayor Jones’s $780 million budget focuses on housing, schools, new stadium

Yesterday, the Mayor presented to the City Council a proposed budget for the next fiscal year. While containing no new taxes, the budget allocates money for the building of public housing, increased school funding, and a new baseball stadium