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Sugar Shack Donuts’ skull scavenger hunt begins today

A government shutdown hasn’t stopped Sugar Shack Donuts from promoting RVA and giving away free doughnuts.

City informs Sugar Shack of bizarre doughnut tax policy

If you order between one and five doughnuts, the City considers that a meal and will tax you on it.

Favorites: Sugar Shack’s Samoa doughnut

Sugar Shack’s Samoa doughnut gives certain adorable cookie salesgirls a run for their money.

Food news: Fests, a Main Street curse, and the return of a legend

If each piece of this week’s food news were a delicious morsel, you’d get a T-shirt and your picture on the wall for eating them all.

Food News: Restaurants for sale, rebooting, and opening

The summer of restaurant reboots continues! Plus a new restaurants opens (soon), one goes up for sale, and Hardywood gets into a kerfuffle with the tax collectors.

A sweet start for Sugar Shack Donuts

It may only be a shack, but don’t be surprised if Sugar Shack Donuts soon becomes a doughnut Mecca (if it isn’t already).

New restaurants: June 2013

“Only” two restaurants opened in June, bringing RVA’s total of new places to eat in 2013 to 23.

Vegans rejoice, a noodle duel, and RVA gets another delicious doughnut destination

This week’s food news includes something for: vegans, carnivores, celiacs, and people who love to drink–I think that covers just about everyone?

Doors open at Sugar Shack Donuts

There’s a new place in Richmond to get delicious donuts and coffee: Sugar Shack Donuts opens its doors this Tuesday.

Sugar Shack Donuts on the rise, Jorge’s Cantina opens, and Aziza named best in RVA

Several new eats are coming soon, including a Mexican take on our first president and a sugary shack of doughnut goodness.  

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