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Richmond Montessori students raise thousands for American Heart Association

Upper and lower elementary students raised more than $3,500 for the organization.

Regency Square partners with local artists, students to create mural

Matt Lively and Hamilton Glass will collaborate with Freeman High School students on the mural, which will be the first of four planned art projects.

VCUarts Cinema students and their real-deal film

“Oh, that amazing movie? Yeah, I helped make it when I was 19. What did YOU do in college?”

Day #003: Make “welcome week” a city wide event

Noise, trash, bikes, and how yelling at transient college students is like fighting windmills.

Natisha Knight on Peter Paul’s 3rd annual Cultural Review

Stop by the Robinson Theater this Thursday for a glimpse at the work being done by the PPDC.

Second case of tuberculosis hits VCU

The university has confirmed that another student was diagnosed with TB, the second student diagnosed in as many weeks.

VCU move-in is this weekend

Be aware: nearly 3,500 students will move into the VCU dorms during the weekend of August 17-18.

Surviving summer: a look at local businesses around VCU

Local businesses around VCU do better than you think during slow summer months.

Epic 27-hour dance party for a good cause

Care to dance? For 27 hours straight? That’s what 900 students will do to raise money for local charities.