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Former State Senate candidate Carl Loser arrested for assault on Henrico officer

The Powhatan resident was stopped in Western Henrico for speeding and allegedly assaulted an officer.

UPDATE: Senate approves state budget

For the third time, the Virginia Senate has refused to compromise on a new state budget, preventing the General Assembly from approving a spending plan for the next two years. The House voted 77-19 on Tuesday in favor of an amended budget bill, HB 1301. But Senate Democrats rejected the measure because it lacks funding for the second phase of the Dulles Rail extension to Loudoun County.

Senate votes to delay action on “personhood” bill

The Senate has voted to suspend the controversial HB1 legislation, so-called the “personhood” bill that would give rights to fertilized eggs will now charge a sales tax in Virginia

Gov. McDonnell’s administration announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with that would require the leading online retailer to charge Virginians a sales tax on all orders. Amazon has previously avoided charging Virginia residents state sales tax on orders–that’s going to change.