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Food News: Growlers To Go, new Shockoe and Short Pump spots, and dining in Petersburg

This week: New restaurants are coming to Shockoe and Short Pump, and a new growler fill place is opening on the Boulevard (and there’s a place to get them locally now). Plus, full details on where to get your eat on at festivals around town this weekend and a preview of Commercial Taphouse’s new Asian fusion menu. All this and more!

5 Things

Sometimes, while writing this column, I stop and start texting babysitters. This weekend is one of those weekends. Get weird at the Fair, buy some beautiful things, see some innovative dancing, and ABBA ABBA ABBA.

5 Things for Families

It’s fall, y’all! The air is crisp, the temperatures are down, and Richmond’s family-friendly events game is on point this weekend. Get out and start livin’!

5 Things for Families

This weekend has fun runs, haunted events, haunted fun runs (I think I’m making that up, but I’m sure it’s a thing), music, festivals, and the biggest festival of all: the State Fair–which has everything anyone could want to do, including rides, agricultural expos, and competitive place setting.

Virginia Farm Bureau becomes full owners of the State Fair

The State Fair is now in the hands of the Virginia Farm Bureau.

5 Things

Richmond has it all this weekend, from becoming slightly nauseous on the Tilt-A-Whirl to radiating sophistication at the ballet, we’ve got your plans covered.

Tickets on sale for the 2012 State Fair

Several months ago, the future of the State Fair was uncertain. Not only will this year’s fair take place, but tickets are now for sale.

1854 Virginia State Fair

State Fair of Virginia ends after more than 150 years

After over 150 years, the State Fair of Virginia is ending its run due to the organizer’s bankruptcy proceedings. The Strawberry Hill Races and Meadow Highland Games & Celtic Festival will also be affected.

State Fair of Virginia files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

One of the Commonwealth’s most historic and revered events has asked for legal protection as it tries to repay its outstanding debts. Is the fair at risk of becoming extinct?