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City Council roundup

With the big topics continued until a future meeting, there wasn’t a lot left on Council’s agenda.

Eatocracy editor Kat Kinsman on being compelling and kind online

Kat Kinsman joins the Mid-Atlantic Food Writers Symposium speaker lineup for a discussion on creating compelling social media content, which Kinsman believes is essential for writers at any stage in their career.


Write a note on a napkin, put it in your kid’s lunch, take a picture, share it with the hashtag #Napkins4Emma, and help a Richmond father and cancer patient raise college money for his daughter.

Elixr gets a big update

Drinking just got WAY more fun.

Twitter? I hardly know her!

Married actor Brian Presley spent some time flirting with model Melissa Stetten, and she live-tweeted the whole experience. A good example of how you should be careful with what you say to strangers and why social media is like a gun you might want to keep holstered.

EDITORIAL: Sqoot’s instant trainwreck

Yesterday Sqoot, a daily deal technology start up, announced a hackathon in Boston. In the copy on their Eventbrite event they made a Pretty Big Mistake and due to The Internet we all got to be front row for their attempts to make amends.

Organized inspiration: how Richmonders are connecting through Pinterest

What is Pinterest? Every time we turn around it seems like there’s some new social network that desperately needs our attention. However, Pinterest is the fastest growing social site out there.