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Glen Allen Elementary teachers create “Frozen” snow day parody video

“Do you want to make a phone call?”

PHOTOS: Snow in the Fan

We’re not under a foot of snow this time, but it sure is pretty.

PHOTO: Snowy Maymont

#snowmommafromthetrain: Weather-related closings and such

Welp, there went the ENTIRE week.

Abner Clay Park Snow

Jackson Ward Snow Day

Enjoy the snow, neighbors!

Snowy Pumphouse

Great picture this morning by Richmond Grid.

Snow Day in Church Hill

Photos of winter’s last hurrah in the Church Hill neighborhood.

Red Reeds in the snow

Snowy days make for good pictures.

The winter storm is here, snow becomes us

Snow continues to fall in the region; things continue to close.

Mr. Plow Museum District

Call Mr. Plow, That’s my name, That name again Is Mr. Plow. – Homer Simpson