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Don’t freak out, instead meet Our Friends the Snake

Snakes are a valuable part of our eco-system and the more we know the less scary they become.

5 Things

A wise man once said, “It’s hot as a snake out there.” Right now it’s actually mild as a snake out there, but at any rate: snakes. Snakes and dance and music and beer and kings–that’s what’s on tap this weekend. Live it up.

RichmondOutside helps you to know your snakes

Learn the difference between the water snake and the cottonmouth.

Virginia’s (friendly) venomous snakes

It’s Indiana Jones’s worst nightmare.

Snake causes 11,000 to lose power

Yesterday evening, a snake in the River Road substation caused 11,000 West End residents to lose electricity for several hours, according to Dominion Virginia Power. A additional 33,000 people on the eastern side of Richmond lost power the same night, …