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Day #008: Embrace non-Civil War History

Interesting history happened in Richmond outside of the years 1861-1865, and it’s time to give that history a home

Escape from the Confederate White House

Throughout the Civil War, hundreds of thousands of slaves in Confederate states escaped to find freedom in the North.

12 Years a Slave

I’d like everyone in Richmond to see 12 Years A Slave, not just because it’s an amazing film and story, but because it’s also something we all need to see.

Civil War and Emancipation Day means free museum admissions!

Rediscover the past this Saturday as the city celebrates Civil War and Emancipation Day.

Django Unchained: The “D” is silent, but the pistol isn’t

A quintessential Tarantino bloodbath that pulls out all the stops (and then shoots them into someone’s eye).