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Day #035: Reduced ticket prices for counties who fund infrastructure

Cheaper tickets to city-based events are the least residents could ask for after footing the bill for some of Richmond’s most visible infrastructure.

Day #031: Stop building big shiny things (like baseball stadiums)

Incremental development is the key to unlocking the future of Richmond

Council passes resolution on Revitalize RVA

After hours of deliberation, Richmond City Council voted last night to continue negotiations with the city’s administration towards the Shockoe redevelopment plan.

City Council: A baseball fight by proxy

City Council continues ordinances to accept The Diamond from the RMA, while RVA looks for every opportunity to talk about plans for the new baseball stadium.

City Council approves acquisition for Virginia Capital Trail, sets the stage for debate on a new ballpark

After their slugfest last meeting and the day’s excitement surrounding the release of Mayor Jones’s Shockoe redevelopment proposal, City Council gave everyone a gift on Monday evening by choosing to continue all but one of the ordinances being considered.

Mayor unveils plan for baseball, redevelopment in Shockoe, new Slavery Heritage Site

If the Mayor gets his way, Shockoe is going to get a massive facelift.

Mayor scheduled to present Shockoe Baseball proposal on Monday

Are you ready to hear what the mayor has in store for Shockoe Bottom?