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5 Things

So much food–and not the typical foodstuffs this weekend. Plus, a celebration of only one of the most nationally defining moments in our cultural history. What could you possibly be doing that would top any of the above?

5 Things for Families

No. It is the heat and the humidity, guys. But there’s enough fun stuff happening in town this weekend that I think we’ll be able to suppress the feeling that we’re all going to burst into flames at any second. Have a look-see…

PHOTOS: RVA Streets Alive!

Over 15,000 people walked, ran, biked, (and even did yoga) on a 2.5-mile stretch of closed roads during last weekend’s RVA Streets Alive! to promote healthy and active living.

5 Things

Not four, nor six, nor three, nor two. It’s five! Five! Five things! Plenty of stuff going on this weekend, especially if you’re looking for ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Mark Warner to attend RVA Streets Alive!, vendor schedule announced

Over 70 vendors will take part in an event that will close 2.5 miles of road to give people a chance to hit the streets for some exercise and fun.

5 Things for Families

The City of Richmond is working hard to get us out of our houses and into the streets and parks of our city this summer.

Mayor Jones, Sports Backers announce RVA Streets Alive!

The streets will be alive with the sound of pedestrians and bicycles later this summer, as a new event will clear city streets of cars.