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Big crowds at Rocketts Red Glare

5 Things

I’m going to assume everyone still likes to drink, because two events are entirely focused around alcohol this week…and the other ones could easily involve it. Celebrate the start of summer appropriately and responsibly, but gosh darn it, celebrate it you will. Or I’m coming for you.

Memorial Day in RVA

There’s lots of stuff happening around town this Memorial Day

5 Things

It’s Memorial Day weekend, time for us to take a step back from our busy Internet lives, remember those who have fallen in service of their country, and spend some time hanging out.

5 Things for Families

Butterflies, strawberries, fireworks, American pride – did I just come up with the best tattoo ever, or a pretty good weekend?

PHOTOS: Rocketts Red Glare

This weekend, to celebrate Memorial Day, Rocketts Landing hosted a shindig featuring food, wine, beer, and replicas of the Niña and the Pinta! Yes, that Niña and Pinta! Here’s some photos of the event if you missed it.

Memorial Day guide

There’s always lots to do in Richmond, but this weekend gives you the special chance to take part in Memorial Day celebrations all over the city. There’s a little something for everyone, so don’t miss out of these exciting events!