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Riverfront Plan: Public Forum on Lehigh Terraces Area Improvements to be held on March 3rd

Take a look at the riverfront transformation.

Riverfront, Bicycles, Main Street Station: What’s up with City development plans?

Here’s what the city will look like next year…and beyond.

Sugar Pad needs a little community sugar

One man’s passion for neglected riverfront property may soon reap benefits for the city.

Mayo Island could be yours

Formerly it hosted a baseball stadium and boathouses, now it’s home to unused parking lots, a metal recycler, trash and the homeless.

City Council approves Riverfront Plan, Redskins Deal

Monday was a neat night for a City Council: almost all of the streetlights were out through the Fan down to City Hall, and there were two BIG items on the agenda: the Riverfront Plan and “The Redskins Deal.”

City Council: Lame ducks, Redskins, and Riverfronts

This may be a lame duck session, but the City has important business to attend to: the Redskins’ new practice facility and the riverfront plan.

Final draft of Riverfront Plan released

The final draft of the Richmond Riverfront Plan is now available to the public. Click here to see the final version (PDF). The Riverfront plan, an offshoot of the 2009 Downtown Revitalization Plan, encompasses 830 acres around the James River. It suggests structural and landscape additions to increase use by citizens and tourists, as well […]