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Sights from the 2nd Street Festival

The Jackson Ward community came alive this weekend with the 18th annual 2nd Street Festival. The festival kicked off on Friday night with a dance party featuring Johnny Houston & The Legends, but it wasn’t until Saturday that all four performance stages would show some of Richmond’s best musicians. From 2nd Street Festival I started […]

Fight the Big Bull to Hit U Street

Wednesday night is Cous Cous night. Fight the Big Bull has made this so, and now that the Richmond super-group has made its debut on the world stage earlier this month with its Clean Feed release, Dying Will Be Easy (which has enjoyed an excellent reception), Wednesday nights at Cous Cous will only become more […]


We followed our ears to nooks in the store, finding musicians and ensembles around every corner. The musicians had almost nothing to do with each other, save for the fact that sound is their art. From Musicircus Before you even entered Chop Suey Books this evening, a sized-down No BS! Brass Band greeted you with […]

Mung Bean @ ADA Gallery, 9/17/08

By Dean Christesen I am no expert on the genre of music that I witnessed tonight. I mostly keep to musical instruments that do not plug in to walls and that certainly do not involve complex wiring like what I saw this evening. However, I still enjoy listening to it, and tonight’s creative performance of […]

Fight the Big Bull – Dying Will Be Easy (Clean Feed, 2008)

by Dean Christesen This review has been published by All About Jazz. Visit Fight the Big Bull on the web. Track listing: Dying Will Be Easy; November 25th; Grizzly Bear; In Jarama Valley. Personnel: Matt White: guitar, tunes; Pinson Chanselle: trap kit; Cameron Ralston: bass; Brian Jones: percussion; Bob Miller: trumpet; Reggie Pace: trombone; Bryan […]

Jason Arce – Simplicity (2008)

by Dean Christesen Simplicity is a modest title for an album that has exciting complexities around every corner. Wild melodies, blazing solos, and unique interplay often mask any simplicity that is to be found in the music. But still, there is a certain welcomed basic-ness at the heart of saxophonist Jason Arce’s debut release. Penned […]

Glows in the Dark – Music to Listen to Glows in the Dark By (2008)

The review for Glows in the Dark’s Music to Listen to Glows in the Dark By has been published by All About Jazz. It can be found at the following website: Track listing: Nero; Security Lock; Winterlight; Through a Glass Darkly; Ipanema Weeknight; Turtle; Up and Down; Warren Oates. Personnel: Scott Burton: guitar; Reginald […]

Ombak Heats it Up This Summer at Cous Cous

Ombak has big shoes to fill. Taking over Fight the Big Bull’s Wednesday night spot at Cous Cous this summer, Ombak, led by trombonist Bryan Hooten, is the sort of band that people are nervous to go see. It is the sort of band that could be labeled “avant garde,” or “experimental,” or some other […]

Branford Marsalis Demonstrates Leadership in the West End

This RVAjazz original review has been published by All About Jazz. Read the article here [where: 711 St. Christopher’s Rd., Richmond, VA 23226]