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Another look at the battle of Reedy Creek restoration

An article from the Bay Journal.

City plans for Reedy Creek being meet with signs against

This signs have begun sprouting up in the neighborhood.

Reedy Creek Coalition gathering signatures for petition to stop city’s Reedy Creek Restoration Plan

As of Monday morning the petition had gathered nearly 280 signatures.

Reedy Creek Coalition offers alternative to City’s Reedy Creek restoration plan

The city will be showing off their plan tonight, Tuesday, February 23rd at 7:00 PM at the Old Stone House in Forest Hill Park.

Reedy Creek Coalition speaks out against the proposed Reedy Creek Restoration

This is the first time in the Coalition’s history they are opposing a proposed city project for Reedy Creek.

Voice your opinion on the Reedy Creek Greenway

The survey will take you about 5 minutes.

Put it in your journal

Learn the ins and outs of nature journaling.

June Reedy Creek Coalition meeting features walk through Forest Hill Park

Take a walk and see tree planting success, the effects of storm water, invasive species and lovely native plants

Go Wild With Natives on Wednesday

Native plants require less work, water, and bring in more wildlife to your yard.