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Altria Theater wants to borrow $1.75 million and gets it

Over $1 million is owed for three years worth of taxes.

Day #058: Tax land, not property

Why tax productive behavior when taxing humanity’s land has so many benefits?

City Council extends deadline for property tax payments

The City Council passed a measure last night that extends the deadline for Richmonders to pay their property taxes to June 1st. The previous tax deadline was May 1st, leaving some residents only two weeks to pay upwards of several hundreds of dollars in property taxes to the city. Along with the short deadline, over […]

Richmonders peeved about property tax payments

Many in town are miffed at the quick turnaround time that’s required of them to pay the City’s property tax bill–just two weeks. With totals reaching the hundreds of dollars in some instances, many are concerned about the minimal time provided by the city to come up with that money. From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Interim […]