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Two Halloweens

New mom Hayley mulls over the challenging question of sharing your child’s story online (with help from Stirrup Queens author Melissa Ford) and reflects a bit on what a difference a year makes.

Privacy, the Internet, and pictures of my kids

It feels like the idea of privacy is going to be even harder for my kids than it is for me–like they aren’t going to have a choice. Do I even have a choice?

Day #038: Introduce “cop cams”

“Cop cams” decrease public complaints and use of police force while increasing transparency.  

I’m the only one who knocks

Privacy during parenthood? What is this of which you speak?

Raising Richmond: When to tell people…

So you probably heard that Prince William and his lovely wife Kate are expecting a baby. Wait! Don’t go! I promise, I’m not here to gush over what is surely to be the most dignified, classy, and incredibly well dressed infant of all time. I bring them up because…well…I kind of feel bad for the Duchess and Duke right now.