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What to Expect: VCU junior and transfers

Today I’ll also focus on former Rams around Division-I basketball.

What to Expect: VCU freshmen

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be previewing VCU’s entire roster, and today we start with the freshman class.

Watch the full Lincoln trailer!

We get a little closer to seeing what Steven Spielberg’s _Lincoln_ will look like as a teaser trailer has been released.

Richmond Ballet previews upcoming international debut

Richmond Ballet prepares to show London what it’s made of (i.e. muscles), and we get a sneak peek before they dance their way over to the motherland.

A blue man talks about performing in Blue Man Group

The world-famous Blue Man Group will come to Richmond later this month. We spoke with one of the performers who talked about the upcoming performance, the message behind the theatrics, and just how long it takes to put on that blue makeup.

Franz and the Real Girl: Richmond Ballet’s Coppélia is a funny Valentine

Ballet, for all its heartbreaking beauty, can follow some seriously bizarre storylines (try explaining The Nutcracker to someone someday), and Arthur Saint-Léon’s Coppélia is one of the weirder ones.