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Toby Whitaker Big Band at Balliceaux

Wednesday night, a large crowd gathered at Balliceaux to see the Toby Whitaker Big Band and Smalltown as part of the Spacebomb concert series. The bands did not disappoint.

Model for a Monday

Alan Parker 5, Jason Scott 5, and Trio of Justice transformed Monday night with all new music. There’s a theory going around that Wednesday is the new Saturday in Richmond. Does that make Monday the new Wednesday?

Fight the Big Bull at Balliceaux: A new space, a new sound

Last night, coming off of their three year gig at the restaurant and bar Cous Cous, Fight the Big Bull began their new bi-weekly residency at Balliceaux. The difference from the old home turf to the new was striking, from the band’s sound to their appearance.

Musicircus in Photos, Part 1

Sounds trickled down each hallway until every space in the building was filled with noise. For an hour, the observer’s experience was all his or her own. Nooks and crevasses explored and one’s pace of wandering around added up to create a unique piece of music for each listener.

Richmond Marching Band assembles, gets busted

by Dean Christesenphotos by Peter McElhinney Beautiful weather at the picturesque Chimborazo Park was the scene of the Richmond Marching Band’s first rehearsal today. From Richmond Marching Band’s First Rehearsal An ad hoc ensemble comprised of local musicians, VCU and high school students, and community members, the band’s mission of welcoming all to participate was […]

Fight the Big Bull – Dying Will Be Easy (Clean Feed, 2008)

by Dean Christesen This review has been published by All About Jazz. Visit Fight the Big Bull on the web. Track listing: Dying Will Be Easy; November 25th; Grizzly Bear; In Jarama Valley. Personnel: Matt White: guitar, tunes; Pinson Chanselle: trap kit; Cameron Ralston: bass; Brian Jones: percussion; Bob Miller: trumpet; Reggie Pace: trombone; Bryan […]