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Not illegal to park in bike lanes, but illegal to drive into and out of bike lanes

Well that clears that up. Still sucks but at least it’s clear now.

Day #078: Building a better parking spot, Part 1

Parking is a dominant feature in the urban landscape. Why is it still stuck in the year 1952?

Day #049: Standard Parking as witnesses in court

How much city revenue justifies the abandonment of the burden of proof placed on the city and the presumption of innocence guaranteed to its residents?

I park where I want

Spotted at Forest Hill Ave. Target on Sunday night.

City reduces parking options for remainder of Redskins camp

Training camp started with nearly 4,000 spaces. Now the City has cut them to just over 2,300. On the plus side, you can now reserve a spot online.

Details on Children’s Museum parking during Redskins training camp

With the Redskins about to start practicing right behind it, the museum creates new parking guidelines for its visitors.

Redskins training camp begins: What you need to know

What can you bring, where you can park, and other things you should know.

High school graduations limit parking on Broad Street this week

Traffic jams and parking restrictions expected on Broad Street this week during high school graduation ceremonies at the Siegel Center.

Rarely enforced parking law catching people by surprise

Parking on or near a crosswalk will get you a ticket!

Monument 10k: road closures, parking, and guidelines

Saturday marks the 13th annual Monument Avenue 10k. Here’s the skinny on times, street closures, and race-day protocol.