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My first father-daughter dance

Being a son of a mother, a father-daughter dance was not an event type to which I had previous exposure, so I prepared myself for an entirely new experience. What I discovered was an entirely familiar experience.

Getting your mind off the Mindfulness Movement

No matter how often I am faced with the prescription to cultivate mindfulness in my daily life, I find myself unmoved and unmotivated to actually do it.

Lessons from Lamott

Some people worship Vonnegut or Salinger, Lewis or Tolkien, Didion or Atwood, but me? My human soul bits belong to Anne Lamott and her years of dishing out solid advice.

The carousel of time via new-mom internet search histories

A look into my new parent brain through the magic of Google.

Best laid plans

What happens when your plan to do nothing is thwarted by children who want to do even less?

From bad to dad: Perceptions of my husband in the wild

My long-haired, bearded, tattooed husband is always the person approached with inquiries about bumming a smoke, or a joke about being a hippie, or those side-eyes. But once we had our daughter, something changed.

Downstream from the fire hydrant

There’s a sentiment today that we deny our children the freedoms of play we once enjoyed, but I’m not sure things are that different for our kids…or that we’re that different from our parents.

A hierarchy of cups

Fairness is at the forefront of our daughters’ interactions with each other, both positive and negative. In their kindest moments, they share, they cede, they let their sister have her way. In their less kind moments, they invent ways to be in competition with each other and gain the upper hand.

Eight years of dadding

What have almost eight years of fatherhood changed about the way I think about my kids and how I’m going to screw them up?

Two Halloweens

New mom Hayley mulls over the challenging question of sharing your child’s story online (with help from Stirrup Queens author Melissa Ford) and reflects a bit on what a difference a year makes.