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Special Olympics pushes fundraising efforts to new heights with Over The Edge

It’s official: writing for RVANews has sent me over the edge–literally.

Picture of the day: Man on the roof

RVANews picture of the day.

PHOTOS: Over the Edge

Over the Edge is the 2-day culmination to a year-long fundraising effort for Special Olympics Virginia. It’s simple: raise $1,000 and you can rappel down the 400-foot SunTrust building.

5 Things

Guys, I’ve found so many free things for you this weekend—some inspiring talks, leaps off buildings, and ways to feel radical about yourself. With all that money you’ll save, there will be plenty of time to buy, like, 20 theater tickets. That’s good, because you have about that many dramatic options.

PHOTOS: Over the Edge

I volunteered to take photos for Over the Edge on Thursday afternoon for the chance to see what everything looked like from up on top of the SunTrust Center.