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On the Run: I did it!

So how was the marathon? It’s a question I’ve heard at least a hundred times since Saturday, but one I’ve rarely answered the same way twice.

On the Run: Week 12

What do you do when a celebrity crush gives you sage advice mere days before you undertake your first ever marathon? You listen, that’s what.

On the Run: Week 11

I expected to talk about reducing my mileage and increasing my carb intake in preparation for the Richmond Marathon. Unfortunately I’ve got some bad news.

On the Run: Week 10

You know how in movies and on television they show life-altering accidents in slow motion, and you, as the audience, are caught in this drawn out moment of OH MY GOSH THIS IS HAPPENING?

On the Run: Week 9

In the beginning, my biggest struggle with running was the time I spent doing it.

On the Run: Week 8

I’ve always been the kind of person whose body and emotions are closely connected. So, it should come as no surprise that my shin splints have me under a little black rain cloud, Eeyore-style.

On the Run: Week 7

Despite a meticulously constructed marathon training plan, I’ve wound up with the dreaded shin splints.

On the Run: Week 6

Running is gross.

On the Run: Week 5

“Running a marathon is hard.” I can’t tell you how many times, since I started this project, that I’ve heard that phrase.

On the Run: Week 4

The return to running after a disappointing, and incredibly hot, half marathon experience turns out to be harder than expected.