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Snow Panda’s Ombak Mixes: 5. Theologue

A lullaby from the mother of a giant beast who just won’t go to sleep. A chase ensues when the only creature above it on the food chain lunges out of the darkness. Mother and child out-run the predator, who collapses in defeat.

Snow Panda’s Ombak Mixes: 4. Oki

A group of mercenaries strut though a scorched earth of their own making. They laugh at the ruins of the civilization that once opposed them.

Snow Panda’s Ombak Mixes: 3. Elegy for Aeroplanes

Like old World War II prop job airplanes taxying on a runway in a distant place not of this world, or a dream perhaps.

Snow Panda’s Ombak Mixes: 2. Shuffle

A modern Brazilian film noir soundtrack. Our gumshoe follows his mark through the city streets and into a backyard party but loses him in the crowd when the femme fatale eases down the fire escape.

Snow Panda’s Ombak Mixes: 1. Hooten

A newly self-aware robot makes its first attempts and autonomous movement. Rapid fire balance calculations can’t quite reign in the clumsy unfurling of its limbs.

Snow Panda’s Ombak Mixes

Snow Panda has struck again, and this time it’s with material from Ombak’s Framing the Void. The man behind the project is Gabe Churray, ILAD keyboardist and mixing wizard. Using Ombak’s music, he has created six remixes that will all be released here one day at a time.

Twestival and RVAjazz highlight local musicians on Twitter

I was asked by Copeland Casati (@copelandcasati) to put a CD together of music by local musicians and bands that are on Twitter for the upcoming Twestival (@RVATwestival) on Friday. The Twestival will benefit Tricycle Gardens and will be held at The Camel (@thecamelrva) from 5:30-8:30pm. The completed playlist is a nice collection of Richmond […]

Season Four at Cous Cous

Tonight marks the return of Fight the Big Bull and Ombak’s rotation on their home turf venue, Cous Cous. The summer there has been occupied by various bands, but these two regulars have been on summer vacation since May 27. In what’s being called “Season 4,” they’re back to bring life to Wednesday nights once again.

RVA Magazine: The State of Jazz

By Dean Christesen This article was originally published in the July 2009 Music Issue of RVA Magazine. It is reprinted with permission here. photo: Dean Christesen It’s Wednesday night and Cous Cous is packed. I can hardly make it back to the bar to get another beer, so I stand with my empty glass watching […]

Cous Cous bands on vacation

Fight the Big Bull and Ombak will be taking a rest from their alternating bi-weekly gigs at Cous Cous for the summer. Fight the Big Bull has been taking each summer off since the gig began in 2006, and last year’s opening allowed Ombak to play regularly and grow as a musical force. Will the […]

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