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Room to spare

Last week’s Musicircus was smaller than years past but it contained all the signature elements of the successful annual event curated by Brian Jones. Some of Jones’s favorite musicians found their niche in the mazy Visual Arts Center on Thursday night, playing their own music against a noisy backdrop and demonstrating the relationship between sound and space.

The return of Musicircus

If you’re like me, you look forward all year to John Cage’s Musicircus presented by Brian Jones. It’s a celebration of cacophony, a nonsensical collision of opposing sounds in one space. But to the people who enjoy it, it’s an aural explosion that comes but once a year and an exploitation of what is considered unacceptable in music. And it’s tomorrow night.

In case you missed Musicircus

In the final wrap-up from last week’s Musicircus, we bring to you video and audio. You’ll feel like you were there. Well, maybe without the sensation of being totally consumed by sound.

Musicircus: Geeks and freaks

Brian Jones’s Musicircus returns and brings musicians together for a celebration of composer John Cage. Forget the sideshow, this is the main event.

Save the date: Brian Jones’s Musicircus

Brian Jones’s Musicircus will be held on Thursday, October 22, 2009, at the Visual Arts Center (1812 W. Main St., Richmond, VA). Doors will open at 9pm. There will be a plethora of musicians — invited by the curating Jones — performing at their will and in close proximity to other musicians. Such is the […]


We followed our ears to nooks in the store, finding musicians and ensembles around every corner. The musicians had almost nothing to do with each other, save for the fact that sound is their art. From Musicircus Before you even entered Chop Suey Books this evening, a sized-down No BS! Brass Band greeted you with […]

Brian Jones Events

Three exciting events are on the horizon featuring drummer Brian Jones: On September 18, Chop Suey Books hosts Musicircus, the perennial celebration of composer John Cage. Organized by Jones, the Musicircus will feature several musicians throughout the store and in the back yard playing music at the same time. From 8 to 9 pm, cacophony […]