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Income pie

Grab your fork! There’s pie! Well, an interesting pie chart (and explainer) of how one family’s income breaks down. Let’s dig in!

Day #044: Taxes, tips, and the benefit of using cash

How 3%-4% adds up to $300-$400 of customers’ money, plus a whole lot of inconvenience.

Credit card roll call

A former Federal Reserve employee has a little secret to share: she loves credit cards. Find out which ones she uses and why (and how they earn her family a nice chunk of money each year).

Tourism in Richmond Region up 4.5%, nets $2 billion in revenue

RVA proved to be sizable money maker for the state in 2012.

Virginia may have your money (and it wants to give it back to you)

Virginia has $1.2 billion of people’s unclaimed money. Find out how you can check to see if any of it belongs to you.

Virginia Lottery’s Lady Luck will retire in May

After nearly 25 years, the actress who played Virginia Lottery’s Lady Luck talks about retiring.

Poor, poor, (unpitiful) me

There’s a hurricane a’comin’ and people are in a tizzy. Here’s why I can’t afford to worry and why being poor makes life beautifully simple.

Q&A with Ed McLaughlin, VCU’s new athletic director

VCU’s new athletic director talks about his decision to come to VCU, what being in the Atlantic 10 will do for the school, and how the program will thrive.

Raising Richmond: money matters for kids

Teaching your child to be financially responsible is something that they will take with them into adulthood. However, teaching money smarts is easier said than done. So how do parents go about doing it well?