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Herring supports Court’s gay-marriage decision

The fight for marriage equality for same-sex couples in Virginia continues to progress through the courts this week after a federal judge ruled the state’s ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional.

Being together, living apart

Most people don’t want to live apart from the person to whom they are happily married. But sometimes it has to happen, and it doesn’t have to be all bad. Here’s a firsthand account of the experience, a few tips on navigating the hard stuff, and a healthy dose of hope for the good that can come of it.

Civil War: A wartime wedding

Gen. George PIckett, made famous by Pickett’s Charge, would celebrate his 150th wedding anniversary this week.

Raising Richmond: 10 years, 10 things

One little something I’ve learned for each year I’ve been married to my guy.

Off the Clock: What happens in Vegas

You know that saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” Well, that’s wrong. Sometimes, you drag what happens in Vegas home and try to live with it, even though you and what happened are almost complete strangers.