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Doctor honored by Dominican Republic for separating conjoined twins

David Lanning, M.D., the doctor who separated conjoined Dominican Republic twins, Maria and Teresa Tapia, was recently honored by the government. During a ceremony at the National Palace in Santo Domingo, Lanning received the Order of Christopher Columbus rank of Knight, an honor usually reserved for Dominican citizens or military.  Only a handful of non-civilian, foreign-born […]

VCU to be spotlighted by TLC this weekend

Two conjoined twins who made national headlines last year after a nearly 24-hour surgical procedure performed at VCU separated them will be the focus of a new documentary that will air this weekend on TLC

Formerly conjoined twins to be released from VCU hospital today

Two 20-months-old twins who traveled to Richmond from the Dominican Republican to undergo separation surgery will be released from the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU later today. How did their surgery progress, and plans are in store for the pair of toddlers?