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February Festivals: Film, Mardi Gras, wine, and more

There’s a lot to pack into such a short month, but we know you can do it. Feast your eyes on chocolatey, winey, culturey, and freezing cold water baths. Hey, to each their own.

5 Things

OMG it’s Valentine’s Day this Saturday. OMG some of you don’t care, so here are some Other Things to Do.

5 Things for Families

Snow, shmow, ammirite?

5 Things for Families

An excellent selection of family-friendly events this weekend, I must say. And one of them involves a blue, guitar-playing cat.

Holiday events and festivals

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, festivities abound!

The ten best novels of 2014

The “best of” season is in full swing and I can’t resist the opportunity to share my opinion.

New restaurants in November

Another month, another set of restaurants for you to add to your lists.

5 Things

I had to leave out some Things this week, as there can be only five! JK, there’s six this week, because I felt like it. And all this live classical music, comedy, weird frigging interactive theater, and #ramsramsrams could not be ignored.

5 Things for Families

S’mores, basketball, grand openings, and more to keep you and yours entertained this weekend.

17 great horror movies you can stream on Netflix right now

If Halloween bums you out, spend the night cuddled up with one of these movies (trying not to cry).