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RVA News in Brick: VA makes changes on lawmakers accepting gifts

We take a headline from other local new sources and LEGOize it. Why? We’re not entirely sure.

LEGO fun tomorrow evening at Lewis Ginter

You may need to buy some more LEGO sets after your visit.

5 Things to Crowdfund

From Star Wars to moonshine to Christmas music, your friends and neighbors have outdone themselves again, bringing great projects into the world out of nothing. All they need now is your modest financial help.

Four terribly useless graphs about the LEGO KidsFest

LEGO are a big deal in my house, so the LEGO KidsFest is an even bigger deal. To celebrate: four mostly useless graphs!

LEGO KidsFest ticket giveaway

Win tickets to Richmond’s only event featuring copious interlocking plastic blocks.

Leggo my LEGOland

Leave LEGO-loving, YA-reading adults alone!

Raising Richmond: Winter break to-do list

Eight ideas to keep your kids busy (and you sane) during winter break here in Richmond.

Exclusive LEGO® exhibit stops by CMoR Chesterfield

A traveling LEGO® exhibit makes its only Virginia stop (its only Mid-Atlantic stop, really) at CMoR Chesterfield.

5 Things for Families

Do something inspiring and creative this weekend! Or, be awed by my most impressive endeavor to date: I culled a list of things to do in and around Richmond that doesn’t involve food trucks.

The pink aisle

Sam Davies joins us for the first installment of his fortnightly column exploring life as father to two daughters. Today he’s talking about LEGO…girl LEGO.