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Drinking a beer will help urban famers, really it will

If this deal had been going on every time I’ve been to Legend I alone could have fed a small country.

Win free beer (technically the certificate for buying beer) for enjoying Legend beer

Selfies and beers would could possibly go wrong?

Legend Brewing’s Holiday schedule and kind of closed first week in January

The Pub will be closed from January 1st – 6th but the original tap room will be open for limited hours.

Legend Halloween Party to feature Bleeding Nun

No actual nuns will bleed at the party.

The taps are flowing at taZa

Draft beer could be good on a Friday afternoon.

Legend Brewing Anniversary party on April 11th

Legend Brewing will soon be of legal drinking age.

Legend Brewing offering Valentine’s Day Special for the single

Table for one.

Legend Brew Pub closed January 2nd through 8th

The main pub will be closed but the Speakeasy will be open.

Seven things to do in Manchester according to

Which spots would/do you take a guest to in Manchester?

Manchester Block Party now on for September 25th

Celebrate all that is Manchester at a date to be determined.