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Snowy Lee Monument

Photo by Stephany Thacker.

Lee on Monument

Great picture from a unique angle.

Lee’s new friends

While the recent expulsion of student art from Monument Avenue medians has sparked controversy, very few have given thought as to what one of the city’s most indelible landmarks has to say about the affair.

Art 180: timeline of events

Yesterday, the city ruled that a public exhibit featuring children’s art on Monument Avenue medians will have to be removed. Here’s a timeline of events as they developed to keep you in the loop.

Tagger defaces Lee Monument and downtown businesses

A graffiti tagger hit the Lee Monument and a number of Midtown stores overnight, including Quirk Gallery where he was caught on video: Local asshat bombs the Arts District in downtown Richmond, VA. He tagged over 9 businesses at 3AM Saturday, January 28th. Think most of us don’t mind graffiti in the alleyways & on […]