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PHOTOS: The Landmark Theater

The Landmark Theatre has a fascinating history. It’s currently undergoing a $50 million renovation, while its closed check out these pictures from in and around the city’s largest theatre.

A backstage pass to THE LION KING

THE LION KING! The giraffes, the antelopes, the grass, the birds, the stars, Rafiki’s infectious enthusiasm, Zazu’s bouncy personality, and of course the lions. Here’s a look at the marvels of engineering and artistry behind the amazing show.

5 Things

VCU lost a heartbreaker on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day, no less!), but it’s alright, team. Hakuna Matata, right!?! This week marks the beginning of the Broadway performance of The Lion King, a short film festival, a tasty benefit, a bracket-busting VCU game, and more!