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Kids can get fit, too!

A few local options to get your kids on this fitness train…

The carousel of time via new-mom internet search histories

A look into my new parent brain through the magic of Google.

Downstream from the fire hydrant

There’s a sentiment today that we deny our children the freedoms of play we once enjoyed, but I’m not sure things are that different for our kids…or that we’re that different from our parents.

Raising Richmond: This is not a restaurant

If your declarations of “this is not a restaurant” still don’t end in your child cleaning her plate or trying new food, here are some meal combos for you and your picky eaters to spare you from making different meals for everyone in the family.

Cabin fever

Need to get out of the house but want to avoid places where you’ll get the stink-eye for having your newborn in tow? Look no further! Let me be your Stefon of infant-friendly outing suggestions.

5 Things for Families

I’m already tired from this weekend, and it hasn’t even happened yet. But it’s a good tired, ya know?

Raising Richmond: “Do you know about Jesus?”

I have practiced in my head many times how my husband and I will handle all the tough talks with our daughter, like drugs, sex, and gender politics. But the hardest one for me–religion–is up first.


My kid’s a good human being, and I’m terrified she’s going to be crushed.

Pints and Pint-sized: Richmond breweries

A very special RVA brewery edition of Pints & Pint-sized.

Raising Richmond: What I learned on my summer vacation

Now that vacations are done for the season, here are my untimely travel tips from late summer trips I took with my family. If this advice is too late to be useful for you, just print out this article, fold it into the December section of your day planner, then transfer it to your next year’s day planner for easy access when you take vacations again!