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Kathy Graziano

  • Education: B.A. SUNY - Cortland
  • __Residence:___ Richmond/ 4th District resident for 43 years … current neighborhood: Traylor Estates
  • Current Job: Full time City Council person/City Council President
  • Previous experience: Extensive experience within campaign offices for candidates for state, local and federal offices; Elected member of Richmond City Council for 8 years; and have served as Richmond City Council President for 4 years.
  • Favorite restaurant: My house!!!


City Council: Death and taxes

City Council kicked off its new session with life’s two unavoidable subjects: death, in this case the death of civic activist Ruby Giles Turner, and taxes, as in who has to pay them.

Local officials celebrate RVA being named ‘Best Town Ever’

Local officials gathered to discuss and celebrate the city being named the country’s best river town by Outside Magazine.

Planning Commission approve 10 acre project at Bliley & Forest Hill

The last time this project popped up on my radar was 2009.  After yesterday’s meeting it appears to be moving forward. The Richmond Planning Commission approved by a vote of 4-3 a 59-unit single family housing development on 10 acres at Forest H…

Gammino & Graziano leading the money race

  Candidates for Richmond Mayor and City Council were required to file campaign finance reports on Monday. Shown below are the account balances as of June 1. If politics were only about money we would have two clear cut winners. These numbers are …

City Council: a Landmark decision and the new arts district

In rare collection of unanimous votes, the City Council last night passed two major ordinances that will affect the Landmark Theater and a new arts district downtown.

City Council: Nobody left here but us ‘Chickunz’

Last night’s City Council meeting began as a standing-room-only event. By the end of the evening, however, only a few remained. Children were honored, budgets were discussed, and chicken owners rallied behind their cause. You know, just your typical council meeting.

Richmonders peeved about property tax payments

Many in town are miffed at the quick turnaround time that’s required of them to pay the City’s property tax bill–just two weeks. With totals reaching the hundreds of dollars in some instances, many are concerned about the minimal time provided by the city to come up with that money. From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Interim […]

City Council: the good, the bad, and the ugly

What started out as a perfunctory City Council meeting ended up having a rather children-related bent. Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” made an appearance right before the Mayor criticized the state of the city’s public schools. Here’s the recap.

Richmond Marathon gets a new corporate sponsor and a new finish line

Richmond Marathon runners will have a new finish line to cross later this year, as the river district will be the final destination for thousands of runners. Not only has the event changed its finish line, it has also found a new sponsor for the event’s 35th year.

RPS drops the budget ball, Mayor to take advantage

The Richmond School board was faced with a  $23.8 million shortfall. Instead of addressing the issue and proposing any sort of solution the board turned to the city with upturned palms. The Mayor will now be taking a look at all of RPS and the school…

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