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Jimmy Ghaphery – Path

By complete coincidence after posting a review of Ghaphery/Bivins/Davis’s Impermanence on Monday, I learned today that saxophonist Jimmy Ghaphery just put out a new solo saxophone release. I gave a listen, really enjoyed it, and decided it might as well be Jimmy Ghaphery Week on RVAJazz.

Ghaphery/Bivins/Davis – Impermanence

Jimmy Ghaphery calls it “lowercase improv,” a term that loosely describes an improvised music that is restrained in activity and minimal in texture. It summarizes the general aesthetic of Impermanence well, but does little service to the interactions between the three musicians.

Musicircus in Photos, Part 1

Sounds trickled down each hallway until every space in the building was filled with noise. For an hour, the observer’s experience was all his or her own. Nooks and crevasses explored and one’s pace of wandering around added up to create a unique piece of music for each listener.