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Listening Back: Brian Jones Quintet and The Music of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

This week at The Camel, Brian Jones detoured the music to Monday night, leading two of his groups — Brian Jones Quintet and Brian Jones plays the music of Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers — in two thrilling sets.

Room to spare

Last week’s Musicircus was smaller than years past but it contained all the signature elements of the successful annual event curated by Brian Jones. Some of Jones’s favorite musicians found their niche in the mazy Visual Arts Center on Thursday night, playing their own music against a noisy backdrop and demonstrating the relationship between sound and space.

To view more photos, visit RVAJazz on flickr

Visit RVAJazz on flickr.

Scenes from day one at the Richmond Jazz Festival

The sun was unforgiving this afternoon, but people flocked anyway to day one of the Richmond Jazz Festival in what seemed like the thousands.

Tuesdays with Richmond

Just because the week has hardly started doesn’t mean Tuesday can’t pretend like it’s Friday.

Jones and company round out week at The Camel

It was a good week for seeing jazz at The Camel. Smack dab in the middle of three solid nights of jazz musics this past week was the Brian Jones Quintet.

Jason Ajemian & The HighLife: Live high or die hard

People like reference points. They want to know what genre it is. They’d like to be told what artist or band it sounds like. As soon as I realize that doing so for Jason Ajemian & The HighLife would be like identifying a kaleidoscope by a single color, explaining their sound becomes a bit of an easier task.

Brass boys in the studio

Richmond’s favorite brass band entered their resident studio this past weekend to record for their next album. The large group of brass players plus lone reedsman and drummer that make up No BS Brass got down to business at the eccentric and popular Minimum Wage studio.

Ombak returns to the studio

On Monday, Ombak went into the new Songwire Studios in downtown Richmond to record for their next album. Trombonist and leader Bryan Hooten said they recorded six tunes — mostly first and second takes — in about five hours. “We recorded enough music to put out a solid EP,” he said. “It covers most of the new tunes we’ve started playing since the first album.”

RVAJazzfest 2010 in photos

The music at RVAJazzfest on Saturday was, quite simply, amazing, and those who came to listen were rewarded. It really didn’t matter what was going on outside or what the day had been like in snowy Richmond; Trio of Justice, Jones+Kuhl, and Ombak put on one hell of a show.