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Building groove mansions

Recently, bassist Jason Ajemian and his group High Life released a new record on Jason’s Sundmagi label called “Riding the Light into the Bird’s Eye.” I’m always interested in a band’s approach to composition and improvising, and thought it’d be cool to give everyone a peek into the truly unique approach that Ajemian has taken […]

Let me get that HighLife.

Jason Ajemian & the HighLife return to Richmond on Friday night to play at Balliceaux. The quintet is known for the bassist’s unorthodox notation style, and paired with the band’s unique personalities, it gives way for truly original music.

Three reasons to visit Balliceaux this week

Balliceaux is the place to be this week. On Wednesday night, Ombak makes their return, this time with JC Kuhl. They’ll be playing tunes from their new album, and it’s guaranteed to get a little crazy. Fresh off their performances this past weekend at the Richmond Folk Festival (including their kazoo march in the family area), No BS! Brass plays a free show at Balliceaux. Hear the sounds of their new album and old favorites. For the main event, the New York-based Jason Ajemian & The HighLife return to Richmond on Friday. We hosted them back in April, and it’s bound to be a hit again this time.

(Bonus fourth reason: did I see they serve Sunday brunch now?)

Jason Ajemian & The HighLife: Live high or die hard

People like reference points. They want to know what genre it is. They’d like to be told what artist or band it sounds like. As soon as I realize that doing so for Jason Ajemian & The HighLife would be like identifying a kaleidoscope by a single color, explaining their sound becomes a bit of an easier task.

Ten Questions with Jason Ajemian

On Saturday, the Brooklyn-based Jason Ajemian & The High Life will play at The Camel. In a special post here, we present to you Ten Questions with the unconventional, intrepid, and ridiculous Jason Ajemian.

Announcing Jason Ajemian & The High Life

RVAJazz and Scott Burton are pleased to present Jason Ajemian & The High Life at The Camel in Richmond, VA, on Saturday, April 17. They will be performing two sets following one set by Richmond-based band Coald Toast.