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Our favorite horror movies

RVANews’s official, ongoing, always updating list of our favorite horror movies.

(The New) Evil Dead: The most stupidest film you will ever experience

The newest installment of the Evil Dead franchise will turn your stomach with an unfortunate combination of bore and gore.

PHOTOS: 2012 Richmond Zombie Walk

This past weekend zombies shambled their way through Carytown in the annual Richmond Zombie Walk. Here’s photos taken by one of the survivors.

Resident Evil: Retribution: 4 reasons to watch Barbarella instead

Our movie choices in RVA last week were terrible. Here’s four reasons to stay home, fire up Netflix, and watch Barbarella instead of the new Resident Evil movie.

The Cabin in the Woods: don’t read this review

OK guys, realtalk: The Cabin in the Woods is wonderful. But if you value storytelling and surprise, stop reading this review right now.