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Lords of the Ring: final bout

In this, the final part of our exposé on Richmond’s independent wrestling organization, we see what happens both in the ring and behind-the-scenes during a performance. And at one point, something goes wrong…

Lords of the Ring: third bout

Today’s installment of our look at Richmond’s only independent wrestling federation, we see just how much abuse the bodies of wrestlers take, as well as a look at what happens in the dressing room before a performance…it’s not what you think.

Lords of the Ring: second bout

In the second part of our exposé on Richmond’s independent wrestling federation, we look at what it takes to become a wrestler, the role women play, and how wrestling is shaping a would-be wrestler.

Lords of the ring: first bout

Did you know that Richmond has one of the most well-organized and successful independent wrestling federations in the entire country? RVANews takes a closer look at this wrestling league in the first part of a four-part series.

A Night of Masked Mayhem

The Blackwell Community Center was the epicenter of the Richmond sporting world on Friday night (whether anyone knew it or not) when Ground Xero Wrestling set up in the Southside gymnasium.