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Police Memorial vandalized

It happened sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Hard Vice pasta dog

Nothing says Hard like tagging a pasta dog.

Blue girl

Picture of the day: Illicit RVA

RVANews picture of the day.

More video of the “five-o” tagger

More video (released yesterday by the Richmond Police Department) of the tagger believed to be responsible for the recent rash of “five-o” graffiti around the Fan and downtown.

Tagger defaces Lee Monument and downtown businesses

A graffiti tagger hit the Lee Monument and a number of Midtown stores overnight, including Quirk Gallery where he was caught on video: Local asshat bombs the Arts District in downtown Richmond, VA. He tagged over 9 businesses at 3AM Saturday, January 28th. Think most of us don’t mind graffiti in the alleyways & on […]