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LGBT activists celebrate first victories

Gay rights activists celebrated as the Senate passed two bills supported by the LGBT community: one banning discrimination in public employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity; and the other to reword gender-specific terms in state law now that same-sex marriage is legal in Virginia.


The Oscars are turnip-white and just as male this year. What’s the deal?

Day #093: Neutralize bathrooms

The low hanging fruit of building a more inclusive Richmond.

Women in comics: Beating the boys club

I grew up wanting to be X-Men’s Storm, or possibly Catwoman. Now I’d settle for seeing a decent, female-led super hero movie.

The women of #rvadine

Seven female cooks and restaurateurs working in Richmond right now sat down at Pasture, sharing a spread of Sub Rosa’s finest and a pot of strong coffee, to talk about family, loyalty, and the future of women in the industry.

Raising Richmond: Accidentally raising a girl

Is our uneasiness over the “pinkification” of toys sending a message to our daughters that their potentially legitimate preferences are wrong?

Raising Richmond: 12 gifts any kid will love

Kids (all kids) like things that are awesome, and they need things that help them use their brains. Here are 12 gift ideas that are sure to leave pretty much any kid stoked. (But first, I rant a little.)

Walking home alone

“The patriarchy is a bitch, and I’m mad that my daughters have to grow up in it.”

Equal chore wars

Who does what in your house? Is it fair? Does it matter? Read about one writer’s approach to division of labor within her family–and be sure to fill us in on what works (or doesn’t) for yours.

Understanding the gay scouts provision

Two weeks after the Boy Scouts of America voted to lift the ban on homosexual scouts there is still dialogue and confusion as to how this policy will play out when it goes into place next January.